View Full Version : Maximum amperage for 10 ga wire. I was wondering if any of the "amatuer" electrical engineers know what the maximum amps you can run through a ' run of 10 gauge braided wire for 12volt. Hope it helps.

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Thanks John, I am wiring a sub fuse box into my new truck and just want to run one wire from battery. When in doubt, over size, way not run 8 to be safe. I tried to took it up in NEC Code book but could not find it. The code's main concern is the number of wires bunched or tied to gether in a run, kind of insulation on the wire, and operating temperature. Its also say's "do not run branch circuits together", they must have a space between them. Usually I just call up my son, a Master Electrician and ask, but I can't find him today.

Nhunter The chart that was posted is for V, where a volt or 2 drop in the wire won't hurt much. If you are thinking about drawing close to the 30 amp limit, I would go with the 8 ga like Wild Wind suggested. Most will give you current draw specifications. If you are concerned that the load might exceed the current carring capabilities of the wire, put a circuit breaker in the lead wire.

A 10 gauge wire will handle 30 amps in a 12 volt circuit. If more than that, follow Wild Winds suggestion and go with 8 or larger. Clarence is right. Larger is much safer than smaller. I am going to run a watt inverter rated for 20a, a three watt analog phone rated for 5a, a 3 way cigarette lighter rated for 10a, and emergency air shut off that has a solenoid so I just need power to activate the solenoid.

So I should have a total of 40a. I was going to run a 50a fuse right off of the battery. The rating I have listed are what the fuses will trip at not their continous draw. Thanks for your help. I'll need a fair amount of heavy wire to run from the engine compartment. When I was at Farm and Fleet on my ill-fated attempt at getting my new tires installed, I looked over their automotive wiring section.

Best of luck on your project. Some Home Depot and Lowes also carry bulk spools of larger gauge wire. I'm not sure of the color choice because all I ever bought was black. The 4 gauge wire should do great for that application. I would also consider a 50A circuit breaker self resetting instead of a fuse. They usually come in 5 to 30 second reset, if I remember correctly and are available at auto electric supplies and some better auto parts stores.

a 10 amp fuse is normally what color full version

That way, if you get a surge, the breaker will trip and then reset in a few seconds giving you a chance to isolate the cause. Well I went out of town due to our lack of a good parts store, and found the motherload. I got some black 4ga wire they had red but only 5' and a waterproof glass style fuse holder and some 60amp fuses. I went with the fuse over the self-reseting breaker as I got my rear end kicked one time by a breaker that didn't reset sitting alone in the dark for 3 hours.

Home Depot had some 4ga wire but I felt it was too stiff as compared to automotive type wire. Thanks to everyone for their help and my insurance company probably thanks you too for not letting me burn down a new pickup. We all would hate to see you toast your new truck and glad you found what you need. Let us know how it comes out.

Here is another site to find what gauge wire to use.Recently I added some footwell lighting in my Honda Civic Ex. And I blew the original fuse 7. I ve read that it s a terrible idea to replace 7. I ve only added footwell lighting to the passenger and driver side, but plan on adding 2 more to the back of the 2 seats. In this case is it ok to add a 10 amp fuse due to the fact that I m adding about feet of wire and 10 LEDs?

The 7 amp fuse is designed to protect the wire gauge. So putting more lighting on a 7 amp circuit will put more load on that circuit.

If you exceed the 7 amp rating then the fuse is supposed to blow out - thus protecting your car from an electrical fire. If you put a 10 amp fuse on it you might as well put a amp fuse on it. Neither can protect that fragile wire properly. If it were me, I'd leave the 7. As far as putting additional footwell lighting, I'd put a whole new circuit in.

Calculate the load to get the proper wire size and fuse size. Then protect the whole thing. Maybe use a relay to power the footwell lighting.

The relay won't add very much draw to the original circuit and you can probably keep your 7.

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Let the relay control a heavier load which is the whole purpose of relays and don't try to add 20, lights to your christmas tree. Drop me a line if you need any help figuring out a relay and how big a fuse you may need for your footwell lights. There ARE formulas for figuring that stuff out.

As others point out, the fuse is to protect the wiring, and the wiring has a particular maximum rated temperature. Between the wiring gauge and the insulation, the wire has a certain "ampacity" - the maximum current it can safely carry. Where it really goes south is that the heat generated is proportional to the square of the current, so 10A produces 1. At nearly double the heat, melting of the insulation and the insulation of nearby wires is going to happen.

The fuse is sized to protect the wiring.Since their physical size and shape is identical, using color to distinguish between fuse values is a huge help. They are designed to fail automatically in the event of an electrical overload or short—sacrificing themselves to save your wiring harness.

Too low a value and your fuses will blow prematurely, while using too high a value defeats the purpose of the fuse in the first place. Keep in mind that there are several different types of blade fuses beyond the standard ATC size too, including Micro, Mini, and Maxi styles. Regardless of the style of blade fuse, these fuses—used in automotive and other electrical component applications—typically follow a standard color-coding scheme that makes it easy to identify their respective electrical current ratings.

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More importantly, fuse boxes often are located in the dark recesses under a dashboard or in a dirty engine bay where they can be difficult to read. We looked to the fuse experts at Bussman to help compile these handy guides. Sold industrial automation for 15 years.

a 10 amp fuse is normally what color full version

Represented companies, one was Bussman fuse, great company,great reps too! Simple to the point article! Rewiring a wooden classic boat and could definitely use the black and white guide. Thank you! Your email address will not be published. Your Website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Author: Paul Sakalas Paul Sakalas has spent two decades in advertising and broadcasting.

When he's not hurling wrenches at his ill-fated daily driver, he's working on an old Jeep CJ An avid motorcyclist, Paul spends the rest of his free time synchronizing carburetors and cleaning grease off of his left pant leg. Alfred Nadrowski says: January 3, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel Your email address will not be published.Automotive fuses are the gatekeepers and bodyguards of the automotive electronics world. Whenever a sudden short or surge threatens any of the delicate electronics found in modern cars and trucks, a fuse stands ready to valiantly throw itself into the field of fire.

In doing so, the fuse takes a figurative bullet for some more valuable, complex, or indispensable component or device, like a car stereo or amplifier. This often results in some temporary loss of functionality, but fuses are cheap and usually easy to replace, and any underlying problem will typically be revealed by repeated failures of a fuse on the same circuit. Fusible links, while different in design, are identical in purpose and functionality.

There are many different types of fuses, but most modern cars and trucks use one or more of the following types of bladed fuses, in descending order of size:. There are multiple sizes and configurations of blade fuses today, but they all bear a physical resemblance to the original ATO fuses, and many applications still use standard ATO and ATC fuses.

The differences between these various types of blade fuses are primarily size and number of terminals, although physically larger fuses are usually used in higher current applications. Glass tube fuses consist of a glass tube, capped by metal terminals, and with a metal strip passing through the center.

Bosch type fuses are also roughly cylindrical, but they are made of a solid ceramic material with a metal strip on the surface. Since automotive fuses are differentiated both by design type and current rating, all fuses most emphatically are not the same. Although it is definitely possible to replace any ATO fuse with any other ATO fuse, doing so can be extremely dangerous if the wrong amperage fuse is substituted.

Similarly, it is sometimes physically possible to replace a Bosch type fuse with an American-style glass tube type, but sticking to the same amperage rating is imperative, and a flat-capped glass tube fuse will typically not fit well into a fuse holder designed for conical end caps. There are six types of blade fuses that you may run into when you pop open the fuse box on a modern car or truck: micro2, micro3, low-profile mini, mini, regular and maxi. For all blade fuses, the housing may be opaque or clear.

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When the housing is clear, it's usually easy to tell whether the fuse is bad, since the winding metal strip that connects the two terminals is easily visible.

If the strip is broken, that means the fuse has blown. Micro2 fuses are the smallest type of blade fuse, and they are easily identifiable by the fact that they are so much taller than they are wide. In terms of size, low-profile mini fuses and regular mini fuses share the same body height and width, but the spade terminals of low-profile mini fuses barely extend past the bottom of the body.

Micro3 fuses are larger than Micro2, low-profile, or mini fuses, but they are most easily identifiable by the fact that they utilize three spade terminals.

Every other type of blade fuse only uses two terminals. They also include two fuse elementswhich allows a single fuse to effectively handle two circuits.

Although many applications started to replace ATO and ATC fuses with mini fuses in the s, they are still widespread. These fuses are wider than they are tall, and they come in two main types. The largest type of blade-style fuse is the maxi fuse. These are significantly larger than any other type of blade or spade automotive fuse, and they are typically used for higher current applications.How to fix your lights on a international by just replacing the fuse f24 10 amp.

International wiring diagram pdf international wiring diagram pdf international wiring diagram pdf international wiring diagram pdf every electrical arrangement is composed of various distinct parts. Each component should be set and linked to different parts in particular manner.

Im trying to find a wiring diagram for 97 international with dte.

a 10 amp fuse is normally what color full version

International wiring diagram pdf international wiring diagram pdf international wiring diagram pdf international wiring diagram pdf every electrical structure is made up of various different components. By chance does anyone have the electrical diagrams.

I also replace all the running lights with led lights very cool. Each part ought to be placed and connected with other parts in particular way.

Otherwise the structure will not function as it ought to be. The three relays by the computer are clicking. I need a wiring diagram for a international year especially the ecm wiring diagram. Otherwise the arrangement will not work as it ought to be. The ground wire that goes to both are flickering i believe that is whats causing the clicking but what is making the ground flicker. I have a international i am looking for a ecm wiring diagram for i have a no crank no start condition.

I have a thomson. I have a gremlin that sets off my dash alarm everytime i pull the headlight switch. Can i get the updated link to the owners manual 97 03 international manual. Took me a long time to track this down and compile it.

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